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    1. 您好,歡迎來到一鍵出行有限公司!
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      • 包含司機: 7座
      • 顏色排量: 寶藍,銀色 2.0
      • 機場接送: 虹橋站300 元/次浦東機場350元/次
      • 半日租車: 500元
      • 全日租車: 650 元
      • 超一公里: 4元
      • 超一小時: 40 元
      • 自駕租車: 450 元/天
      • 自駕保證金: 1萬




      Please read carefully:


      1: the airport transfers by one-way calculation, half day rent includes 4 hours and 50 kilometers, the full day rental contains 8 hours, 100 kilometers. If the excess amount is calculated.


      2: the above quotation includes driver's salary, oil fee, insurance and general invoice. If you need to open VAT invoices, you need to make up the difference in the 11% tax rate.


      3: the road, crossing, bridge and parking fees caused by the vehicle shall be paid by the car rental party. More than 24 in the evening, overtime fees doubled.


      4: in order to your car safety, the company provides that the maximum speed of the car shall not exceed 120 kilometers. Medium and large vehicles shall not exceed 100 kilometres.Or click www.5ctea9ky.work to see。


      5: on, get off the outer ring outside, add empty drive fee 100 yuan. On and off, in the provinces and cities, tolls, miles back and forth calculation.或                                        


      6: time, the trip does not correspond with the confirmation, the excess part of the count. Any verbal agreement with the driver will not be accepted by us.


      7: the vehicle does not agree with your order, please inform us immediately, and can not get on the train, or as the approval of the vehicle without objection.  


      8: vehicle accidents or failures can not be normal driving, we immediately replace the same type of vehicle, and make the appropriate time compensation.


      9: customer is the end of the day, after the one-time settlement prices and the timeout, ultra km and everything.Or click www.5ctea9ky.work to see


      10: please inform us immediately if you are dissatisfied with the service of the driver. Customer acceptance, service and rental - this trip without objection sign.            

      11:司機工作餐客戶提供,無法安排的20元/餐(工作時間逢6點12點18點 24點)。住宿不安排200元/宿。

      11: drivers work meals, customers can not arrange for 20 yuan / meal (work time 6:12 every day, 18:24). Accommodation is not arranged 200 yuan / night.Or click www.5ctea9ky.work to see


      12: Invoice required, please fill in the confirmation form, address of the company. Express your car after the end of the car.


      13: if the company pays, after receipt of the invoice must be in five working days to transfer or cash settlement of all expenses.                            


      14: any party must pay rent the car back 50% penalty, such as the car must pay full price to cancel.


      15: ask your company prepaid deposit, the Secretary to receive the deposit shall be subject to refund of the car deposit is not refundable.


      16: this Agreement shall be effective upon signature or seal by both parties. Each party shall hold one copy and the facsimile copy shall have the same legal effect.Or click www.5ctea9ky.work to see

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